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Urban Librarians Unite Plants Mini Libraries, Plans Conference

February 14, 2013

Urban Librarians Unite Plants Mini Libraries, Plans Conference

I saw this article yesterday and had another “Ee! Tiny libraries!” moment.  I’m still bummed that my homeowner’s association would frown on me erecting my own tiny library outside my house.  Someday, folks. Someday.

What really stood out in this article for me were the ideas to make the tiny library more than just a box with books in it.  Marilyn Johnson talks about extreme roaming reference librarians in This Books is Overdue who lurk around protests and conventions providing all sorts of directional and reference services using mobile technology, but stationing a librarian at a tiny library?  It could either work really well or be kind of creepy.  I think part of the appeal of the tiny library is that you get materials (albeit what happens to be there) without being under the direct gaze of someone looking official.

Before I read this, I had never heard of a LibraryBox.  I think this – along with some sort of counter to see how many times the library door is opened – would make the mini library so much cooler. Internet access! Access to information/materials!

Maybe this is the way to make “circulating” airport libraries work, but I bet the airport’s contract with whatever “pay for access” wireless provider they have would prevent a LibraryBox from being installed.

…Have I ever talked about airport libraries here?  That’ll be a post for a different day – a day where I don’t have Drupal homework.  But trust me – airport libraries would be incredibly cool.

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