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Crafty, Crafty Teenagers

November 3, 2012

I recently visited an area public library that had craft kits in their early reader’s area.  These kits appeared to be like the storytime bags I’m used to – they were filled with supplies, instructions, a book or two, and they circulated.  Amazing!  I love crafty things, and so this got high marks from me.

Then I started thinking about how it could potentially be brought across the space to the teen area.  Teens do crafts, too!  My first thought was to make a Duct Tape craft kit – a selection of interesting patterns/colors, Ductivities tutorials, and a book on Duct Tape crafts (like Joe Wilson’s Ductigami, but I just saw two more at a craft store), scissors, and rulers.  You could put it in circulation, sure – but I have another idea too.

Dandee Design's Craft Kit Example

Dandee Design has a great example of craft kits – but she has them in mind as gifts.

Actually, I think this would be a great way to introduce new kits.  Instead of just compiling this fun little item and putting it on the shelf, pick a day to set it out after school during the typical teen rush.  Invite people to play with it – even if that’s just by playing with it yourself. That way you aren’t too “perfume/Dead Sea Salts salesperson” pushy, and the teens can see a final project. If all goes as planned, soon you’ll have a bunch of teens participating in your mini “drop-in” program right there in the teen area.  If you’re adding new craft boxes pretty regularly, this could be a recurring thing as well.

Do your teens love all things Japanese? One word – kumihimo.

I also think that the craft boxes would be good for in-house use too.  Teens often come to the library in order to wait on something – a ride, an activity, friends – and let’s face it, they’re not always keen to work on homework and the computers fill up fast.  Craft boxes give them an opportunity to be creative (and productive) during this time.

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