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September 18, 2012

I’m no fan of Dewey the man. I’ve never really kept that a secret. But I like his scheme.  I spent my entire academic career learning how to use it, and in the last few weeks, I have slugged through the schedules and tables like a biologist slugging through a jungle, and I came out the other end alive. I may have been bitten by a few T-3Bs, but I survived it.

This past week, my Beginning Cataloging class moved on to LCC. I’ve never really understood LCC. I’ve listened to its proponents talk about how a specific subject doesn’t have the horror of a classification notation as long as their arm, or how it’s easier to browse (which I don’t get, since the LoC has closed stacks), but I’ll tell you – coming up with the accursed things just doesn’t click for me.  I can search as well as the average library-bear, but the Cuttering is like deciphering ancient runes. I’m getting the handle of it after a few practice problems, but still.

Give me a jungle any day. Then at least I feel like I’m doing battle with a machete as opposed to squinting at hieroglyphics.

(I realize this is a relatively uninformed opinion produced after successfully classifying an item about Mexican migrant workers in Iowa and then having no idea where the blasted “3” comes in on a collection of American drama about the Vietnamese War, published in 1982, with the title main entry Heartbreak.)

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