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Book/Tech Lover Stocking Stuffer Idea #1: The Kit of Power

November 27, 2010

People have said I’m tough to buy for.  Unless it’s outside my price range, I generally own whatever technology I’ve been lusting after.  Now before you get the wrong idea, remember that I’m not a neophile.  I don’t jump on the bandwagon pulled behind every new technological innovation.  I’ve had my smart phone (a Palm Pre Plus) for less than a year.  I don’t own an iPad, or any sort of e-reader (though I have used my phone to read books).

Today, I was working at my library’s branch.  We were experiencing technical difficulties on a grand scale – there was absolutely no internet in the entire building.  Now, the building is owned and operated by the school, and the library is shared between the school and the public.  So on the weekend after Thanksgiving, we’re there, but they aren’t – save for a single custodian.  Which means when I arrived and discovered a completely lack of internet connectivity, there was no one at the school’s IT office to get the connection back up and running.

So with very few patrons (the majority of people walked in, discovered the internet was down, and promptly left), I was left with a very quiet Saturday morning.  In an ideal world, this would be the perfect opportunity for me to work on one of the many “off desk” projects I had. Alas, so many of these projects required the internet in some way or another.  I caved after about an hour and turned on the wireless hotspot application on my phone.  My time, however, was limited.  This particular function on my phone puts a lot of pressure on the battery, and my work-issued laptop was low on battery life to boot.

When my phone finally died, I didn’t even have the option of turning to my trusty personal netbook to continue working – though fully charged, I had now way to get my phone back up and running.  So I called my husband.

My husband is an resourceful, problem-solving kind of guy, in a engineering, Eagle Scout, man I want with me in case of Zombie Apocalypse kind of way.  I thought maybe he’d be able to swing by the branch and drop off my phone’s USB charger.  That way, I could plug it into the desktop computer and get back the hotspot back.

No dice.

Now, I don’t want to discredit my ever-so-ingenious spouse.

When I arrived back at the downtown branch of the library, he was waiting for me with what might be the coolest and most thoughtful gift I would never think to ask for.

The Kit of Power

Inside this 5x2x4 case are three different cords (USB to mini, micro, and Apple Dock – it has another name, but I’m drawing a blank and Google is no help), and a nifty little tool that is both USB to AC and USB to vehicular cigarette lighter thingie.  Yes, that is the newly coined technical term.  There’s also a flash drive in the outside pocket, but I didn’t pull it out when taking this picture.

I have no idea how much he spent compiling this Kit of Power (Sounds ominous and epic, doesn’t it?), but once I came down from my gleeful high of technology fueled geekery, I couldn’t help but think how awesome this would be as a stocking stuffer or some other sort of small gift.  Everyone knows someone who has what seems like every mobile/digital device under the sun, so this Kit of Power would be an excellent gift that presumably wouldn’t take long to assemble – my husband did it what probably amounts to an hour or so.

I’ve numbered this post, so hopefully I’ll come across more gifts for the book lovers and techies on your list.  If you’ve got an idea or even a question, share it in comments!

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