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And to think it’s not even how you play Dominoes.

August 7, 2010

photo from the Terre Haute Tribune Star

Fairy: Oh, who ever heard of being hurt by good books?

Miss Willie: Enough of them might, darling.  And I’d hate that to happen.

-John Patrick from Act 1, scene 1 of The Curious Savage

I was originally going to use the innaugural post on this blog and this NPR article that has been bouncing around the library blogsphere to talk about the history of cupcakes.  The best laid plans of mice and librarians often go awry, as they say, and a friend of mine shared this article with me.

Indiana State University‘s Cunningham Memorial Library and I have a history.  It’s where I went as a senior in high school to do research on the elements of satire in Alice in Wonderland.  It’s where I absorbed as much as I could about Mary Shelley and James Whales’s respective monsters while a freshmen.  It’s where I spent long hours sipping coffee and surfing the internet as an upperclassman.  It’s where I tried not to drool over the amazing dictionaries in Special Collections.  It’s where my parents met.

So it is sort of fitting for me to write about the Cunningham Memorial Library’s recent shelving disaster as I start this blog about my academic and professional career as a library student and library associate.

As much of a headache shelving 25,000 books must be, I really feel for the staff that has to find those books while they sit in bins or on carts when a student or professor comes in looking for one.  Assuming they have the LC ranges for the shelves that fell over, and assuming that the faculty and student body have the patience, it’s a wonder they don’t just say “XX-XX are unavailable at this time – please see a reference librarian for help with alternative sources.”

That being said, I applaud the staff at the Cunningham Memorial Library for the amazing feat of correctly shelving that many volumes while inevitably dealing with patrons who still require their use.  My hat is, as always, off to you.

I am also extremely glad that no one was hurt, despite Fairy’s beliefs.

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  1. Rich Hall, LIBR 203 permalink
    August 10, 2010 10:21 pm

    Don’t let anyone ever tell you library work isn’t dangerous!

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